Central for preset messages

allow to send on PA display messages commanded by dry contact
Message central command
message Box

message central branch

Can drive to 10 PA display
on a 100 meters range.
The display are commanded by a
central CPAE (24 entries).

The central allow to send on the display, the messages placed in memory.

This messages are at a numbers of 24, commanded by display of 24 entries dry contact.

The text message is limited to 52 character.

The entries common is linked to the entries concerned by dry contact .

On the central there is a branch for a linking series cable DB9
allowing from a PC to change the registered message text.

The network linking between the central and the display is assured by grip intermediary RCA ( 1 shielded twisted pair )

The central explore in permanence the 24 entries, as soon that the contact is detected, the corresponding to this entries is send on the display.

If several entries contacts was closed, they are send to the display in the order of their occurence, they stay displayed 3 seconds.

The message are triggered by the central entries.

The establishment of contact are respected in the occurence message order.
As long as the contact selection are closed the messages are called scroll permanent.

Any other king of central can be realised, ask us a request. 


Software to use :

Tera Term for Windows XP and 7
CoolTermMac for Mac OSX

Linking RS 232 Port COM1
9600 bauds, 8 bits, 1 bit start,
no parity, no control1 bit stop

Programming the central CPA
attach the serial cable on the central (24 messages of 50 character).
Press line return (The system wait the end of the active display).

1 - change a Message
2 -check message list
3 -Scrolling Spedd
4 -Quit the Menu
Choose option from 1 to 4

type 1

Enter the number of the message to change.

Type 12

To change the message erase the letter and retype rhe text
To keep the message press Line Return
number 12 area test_

Type back return

number 1 test area_

Type back return

number test area_

Type RED

red number tes area

1 - Change a message
2 -Check message list
3 -Scrolling speed
4 -Quit the menu

Type 2

number message: 1 - TUB TEMPERATURE TOO HIGH
number message: 2 -CARBONIC GAZ PRESENCE
number message: 3 - LOCKED EMERGENCY EXIT
number message: 4 - FAILLED SECURITY SYSTEM
number message: 5 - Overflowing tank

1 - change a Message
2 -Check message list
3 -Scrolling speed
4 -Quit the Menu

Type 3

Choose a speed from 1 to 5
Current scrolling speed 4

1 - change a Message
2 -Check message list
3 -Scrolling speed
4 -Quit the Menu

Type 5

Programming end to come back typer line return