Scrolling display programming

It' possible to control the display over Ethernet.
TCP/IP Model for Ethernet

For PC and Mac for having only use of USB ports the

The displays work as well parading in static, with control via PC or Mac (or system on request)
on Pc. Connect the serial on COM1. Insert the disk into the drive. Windows Tera Term.
On mac use
USB/RS232 and click son CoolTermMac
with iphone or ipad or ipod touch

Software to use :

Tera Term for Windows XP et 7
CoolTermMac for Mac OSX

for iphone and for ipad

RS 232 Linking Port COM1
9600 bauds, 8 bits, 1 bit start,
no parity, no control,1 bit stop

touche clavier pc



Carriage return

For Windows XP
and Windows 7


For Mac


Mac and PC mode
press F1 key

1) Static Mode
2) Scrolling Mode
3) Scrolling Text
4) Speed
5) Quit
choose an option from 1 to 5

(If no option was chose, The dispaly after 20 seconds take back his activity).
Choose 1 : go in static mode

F1 = menu
Static mode

The display in waiting characters
Each character send set on the PA5-16 on the right . The characters are pushed to the left bit by bit.
The Tab key erase the display
The scrolling mode characters are keeped in memory and are recall when going in scrolling mode
Choose 2 : go in scrolling mode at the time of quitting the menu

F1 = menu
Scrolling mode

Choose 3 : allow to put in memory the scrolling mode text

Enter the characters

enter the characters with the keyboard . The message is limited to 250 characters.
To cancel the last characters typed press backspace
To finish the message press
Carriage return Key .
To erase the display press tab.
Choose 2 : go in scrolling mode at the time of quitting the menu
Choose 4 : Allow to choose the scrolling mode speed

Speed from 1 to 9

Type from 1 to 9 while knowing that 1 is the most fastest the and 9 is the most slowest one
Choose 5 : Quit the menu

SYSTEM MODE (on request )

To go in scrolling mode send two times the ASCII code 2, the message in memory scroll

To go in static mode send two time the ASCII code 1, The display is waiting characters


Static Mode

Between each characters a 5 milliseconds interval need to be respect

The ASCII character 9 erase the display.

Normal Option (By default) Each characters send set on the PA5-16 from the right. The characters are pushed bit by bit to the left

Command Option : To go in command option send two the ASCII code 3.

Each characters send go in the display pile, the ASCII code 13 cause the diplay.

To go back in normal option send two times the ASCII code 4.

Scrolling Mode

If no message are in memory, a point scroll on the display to signal this fact.

Between each characters a 15 milliseconds need to be respect.

To enter a new message: enter four time the ASCII code 18

Send the message characters. Finish the message by ASCII code 13. The message is limited to 250 characters.