Numeric chronometer countdown for racing

To count the waiting time a the stand and the checkpoint

chronometre racing

C3-4 dn Decounter chronometer minutes and seconds for Racing

3,8 cm height numbers
Size : 140 x 65 x25 mm

To connect to the 12v vehicle power supply
With 2 meters wire


The time is in memory in the chronometer
You can change the time in memory from a PC, A Mac, a iphone or a ipad

As soon that a contact is etablished, the time in memory display and the decount start. When arrive to the zero the chronometer turn off and wait another contact

A contact of 1 second stop the chronometer and turn it off

To change the time you need a PC or a CL keyboard

Body and front in plexiglas

Can be made in 2 cm numbers
Size : 70 x 65 x 25 mm