Ethernet Connection
Ethernet Connection Module with SREI devices


Ethernet interface module with SREI devices
Connecting by index card RJ45

Size : 80 x 65 x 25 mm

The interface can be incorporated internally in some SREI devices

PA5-16 Ethernet
PA5-11 Ethernet
PA3-16 Ethernet
PA3-24 Ethernet
The digital display

The length of this display is increased by 50 mm and the thickness increased to 25 mm

The module IP adress is : port 1470
Subnet :

On request other adresses may be provided

Communication by dedicated software or Telnet

If you use Telnet version 1
Click twice on Telnet

On connection menu select remote system

Enter : et 1470
Click on connect. You are connected
Network selection TCP/IP

Programmation TCP/IP Mac

Programmation TCP/IP PC